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Softwareliste für die Praxis - Tools für Text Mining, Web Mining, Informationsextraktion, Wissensexploration

Hier finden sie eine Tabelle mit Tools aus den Bereichen Text Mining, Web Mining, Informationsextraktion, Keyphrase Extraction, Übersetzung, Kategorisierung, Clustering, Dokumentmanagment, Suchtechnologie und vieles mehr:

Software-Tabelle (auf englisch):

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Tool Description IR IE TM
Acuity business search tool, redifine search to be universal (all sources). Personal (based on personal needs), analytical (auto identification of business events), reportable (integration with word and ppt for integrated report) x x
AeroTextCore KB extract entities and relations x
AGFL Parser Generator parser generator for NLP. English lexicon and demo win x x
AGTK building tools for annotating ling signals (audio video) x
AnnoTape 2.0 analyse and transcribe text audio video x
AnyText Hypercard based full proximity search engine and index generator x
ArabDox Document Management System (arabic(english/french) capture info from diff sources (paper fax html doc) summary and keyword extracted x x x
ATLAS.ti 5.0 text grafik audio video. Qulitative analysis. VISE strategy: visualization, integration, serendipity, exploration x x
AvaQuestMine analytical features, concept extraction, trend analysis, relationship mining, knowledge discovery system x
CATPAC read text and summarize main ideas, automatic clustering and coding any language. ASCII + RTF x
CETA computer aided evaluative Text analysis, represents text as a network x
C-I-SAID Code a text integrated system, analyse interviews and dialogues x
Clearforest Text Analysis Suite Text driven BI solution, intelligent mark-up to key entities, news, sourveys, html x x
Clearforest Text Analysis Suite CF Tags: tagging and categorization of text x x
Clearforest Text Analysis Suite CF Industry Modules: specific tagging and analytics x
Clearforest Text Analysis Suite CF Analytics: analytical system for text analysis x
Concordance 3.0 word lists, statistics, lemmatise, concordances, words in context, HTML export x
Cymfony Dashboard (InfoXtract) NLP technology search media sources, graphical charts and reports, core InfoXtrakt IR IE NLP x
Data analysis software RSES rough set exploration software. Toolkit for analysis of table data, windows. Classification, based on rough sets, decision-tree, LTF-network, instance based classification, data d????¥?escretization, GUI frontend and computional kernel x
DBT 3.1 word search, concordances, search word sets (fuzzy search), image handling x x
DIAsDEM semantically tagging large domain-specific text archives, annotate text units x
Elucidon Suite combining textual and numerical domain and expert knowledge to improve results x
Emdros text db engine x
Ethno 2.0 online java prog, analyse sequential events x
Gate NLP environment, IE, corpus collection, annotation x x
Gentxt visual text professional: HTML/XML/text, statistic based POS tagging, entity recognition, phrase lookup, summarization, numeric, header and other extractions. Dictionary and ontology x x
HAMLET search text file for words in a given vocabulary, word frequencies, joint frequencies, similarity matrix for cluster analysis and multi-dimensional scaling x
HyperResearch 2.6 qualitative data analysis package. Code and retrieve, build theories, conduct analyses fo your data, text grafik audio video x
ICO Patent Search Latent Semantic Analysis patent serach based on Engeniums search technology semetric x x
Idrisi Intelligent doc retrieval land info search for Internet. COM Object interface: develop own apps. SDK for smooth integration. office doc and 225 more formats html txt rdf pdf arabic/english x
Idrisi Arabic NLP and search and retrieval technology morphological search and retrieveal to corporate db, web, doc, web based interface, x
InFact extracts events and relations, produces concept maps, create summaries x
Information Miner Information management, search and navigation, language technology AI methods x x
intelligentCAPTURE linguistic statistical engine, domain-specific semantic networks, files, urls x
intelligentSEARCH search engine based on intelligentCAPTURE, automatic translation with semantic nets, visualize with topic maps x
IxReveal TM for more comprehensive BI... Discover hidden relationships in unstructured data, quickly spot problems in business processes, extract key meanings from multiple documents (doc pdf email www ppt). Integrate unstructured data and strctured (db..) x x
IZE mining information from unstructured text, interactive search & language processing with ontologies x
Johaina news monitor service, 500sources, middle east x x
KEA automatic keyphrase extraction x
Knowledge Extract convert raw text into structured information, capture meta-data (doc, pdf, web), classify salience engine derives sentiments x
Kura 1.0 multi media app., morphological and phonological analysis, annotation production, html x x
Kwalitan 5 qualitative, interpretative analisis. Text, picture, audio, video x
LEXA 7.0 open system, performs lemmatisation, word lists, lexical density table, file comparison, global find and replace, db and corpus management functions, statistics on charakters, words sentences x
Leximancer objective concept assessemnt cutomize own concepts for dictionary bulder x
Lexiquest Text analysis multilingual x
Mailminder intelligent email response system x
MedScan automatically extracting biological facts from scientific literatur x
NetOWL Extractor V6: find and classify key concepts (IE). NameTag, Link and Events, ontology based x x
NetOWL Summarizer: theme-based summarisation, query-based, adjustable lenght, API x
NetOWL Text Miner: find, organize, analyse unstructured information, data analysis tools, integrates search engine database, visualisation tools and IE, summarisation, document clustering, innovative interface x
NetOWL InstaLink: advanced visualisation, IE, plan recognition rechnology, linking critical information from disparate sources x x
Ngram statistics / ngrams in text x
nserver e-publisher suite nconcept extractor: locates and retrieves concepts in documents, linguistic and statistics based x
nserver e-publisher suite ncategorize: concepts in docs, generates linguistic DNA to categorize, with advanced text processing technology, sorts against taxonomies and thesauri - powered by nstein KB x
nserver e-publisher suite nserver manager: web platform for components x
nserver e-publisher suite nfinder: IR system, find using data-type detection rules with linguistic and semantic algorithms, automatically identify geografic locations, proper names, specialized data types x
nserver e-publisher suite nlike this: linguistic DNA technology, documents with close meaning x
nserver e-publisher suite nsummarizer: extract most relevant sentences and multi document summarization x
nserver e-publisher suite nlanguage module: to extract concepts many languages x x
Open source semantic learning (infomap) semantic learning software, freetext retrieval x x
Oxford WordSmith Tools Vers. 4.0 ASCII/ANSI and SGML/HTML six components: x x x
Oxford WordSmith Tools wordlist wlist in alphabetical + frequency order, statistics nr words, sentences etc x
Oxford WordSmith Tools concord concordances (list of words in context, common phrases and graphical map where words occure) x
Oxford WordSmith Tools keywords keywords and graphical map x
Oxford WordSmith Tools splitter split large files
Oxford WordSmith Tools text converter converts text, re-formatting
Oxford WordSmith Tools viewer examine files in various formats
GoogleAds(cutting-edge Web Mining!)
Powerdrill information exploration and retrieval, uncover patterns and relationships x x
Profiler+ 3.0 content analysis engine for leadership analysis x
Qualarus qualitative analysis software, qualitativ research. Approaches, grounded theory: concepts emerge from data, cultural analysis, interpretive methods, domain analysis, semiotics, life histories, deconstruction, brackting, experimental analysis, narratives.. x
Quenza IE technology, entities and relations outputs structured information x
RefViz Data visualisation and analysis tool explore reference collections based on content. Reveals trend and associations in references. Galaxy view: overview of main topics in ref set. Matrix view: associations between terms x x
Relation Extraction Server Automatically extract events and attrivutes from freetext, organize data in db for Data Warehouse etc. x
Rosette Linguistics Platform unlock the meaning of unstructured text identify basic linguistic features and structure, locate key concepts like names and places. IE identify, tagging extracting named entities x x
Salt 8.0 systematic analysis of language transcripts, total nr words, type token ratio, mean lenght of utterance, brown's linguistic stage, pauses lenght of speaking x
SATO annotation, index, wordlist, categorisation x x
semetric conceptual search technology, automatic learning semantic analysis, concepts (not keywords), search, API x
Siraj TM for arabic db correction, keyword extract, categorization, summarization, arabic/english SDK x x
Sophia 2.1 IE and TM ideal, combines different sources (web, news, text) stored in db x x
Swoogle crawler-based indexing and retrieval system for semantic web. SWD-doc written in RDF and OWL x
TAMS 2.46 Text Analysis Markup System, select text passage, code and extract information, GPL x
Tapor TAPoRware 0.2 text analysis tool, perform text analysis on xml, html, plain text over the web x
TeXRay automated semantic analysis, NL text analysis and visualisation of results, extract neccessary information, word forms, synonymy, words generalizations, associations between words, semantically near concepts, english + other in development x
TextAnalyst 2.0 automatic semantic analysis, summarize, clustering, semantic IR, text exploration x
Textpack computer-aided qualitative Content Analysis, categorize, tag, classify text, word frequencies, concordances, vocabulary comparison x
TextSmart categorize open-ended surveys x
The Lemur Toolkit language modelling and IR, corss-language retrieval, summarize, filter, classification x x
T-Lab extracting comparing and mapping different kinds of text (speech, survey, docs, web, book), automatic corpus normalisation, segmentation into elementary contexts, lemmatization, selecting key terms x
Verbatim Blaster open-ended response coding x
VisualText IE, NLP, Text Analysis. IDE to populate db with information extraction events news.. To create a searchable db. E.g. extract info from resumes, categorize web sites, analyse chat and emal, selective web spider x x
Vivisimo plug-and-play search and clustering engine x
Vivisimo Clustering Engine: automatic categorize search results into hierarchical folders x
Vivisimo Content Integrator: multiple sources, integrates retrieved information x
Vivisimo Velocity: powerful clustering and meta-search to offer a complete search solution x
YALE yet another learning environment, ML experiments and Data Mining x
YamCha open source text chunker: POS tagging, NERecog, base NP chunking, Text chunking, machine learning with SVM, c/c++ lib; multi media support txt graphic audio video search tool. analysis concept refinement and generlization, hypothesis testing, word occurence statistics, semantic networks (amoung codes), html output and GUI x x
ATLAS.ti 5.0 Processing of textual, graphical, audio, and video data. Graphical network editing. XML Import and Export. x x
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